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Photos by Ariana Cubillos Maria Arias slipped her notebooks into her backpack, scrounged for a banana to share with her brother and sister, and set off for high school through narrow streets so violent taxis will not come here for any price.

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Chromecast sees strong sales in the U.K., Norway


Europeans love Chromecast too: The latest news from European retailers shows that Google’s (S GOOG) streaming stick has been selling really well, at least in some parts of Europe, since it launched on the continent two weeks ago. Some even say that the device has been met with demand that compares to Apple’s (S AAPL) iPad.

Google hasn’t released any firm Chromecast sales numbers, and a spokesperson only sent me this statement when contacted for this story:

“We’ve sold millions of Chromecasts to date, and we hope to replicate that success in Europe.”

Some of the retailers that Google has been partnering with across the continent have been a bit more open. Dixons Retail, owner of the U.K. electronics store chain Currys, revealed a few days ago that it sold a Chromecast every 4.5 seconds on launch day. The chain briefly sold out in some stores on launch day…

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Is a spiritual practice a waste.. ?

posts from the path..

spirit manSome days I think my spiritual practice is a waste.

I think about the time I spend working on my “stuff”…. consciously deepening myself— finding ways to give more, be in more service, increase my capacity to not judge and be as fiercely kind as possible… to transform my unhealthier parts into healthier ones…. is it worth it?

Occasionally, I wonder if I’m so broken that I need to spend all this time, while other people seemingly just are kind, deep, impactful and amazing more naturally.

Many days it feels futile and hopeless to continue—the world can seem doomed in so many ways and working to make it better, when my personal impact doesn’t seem anywhere near substantial enough.. it can feel so discouraging.

Some people seem to be navigating this life just fine without any awareness at all that something else is possible or more from each of us…

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stay with a broken heart.

Good nah! ?

posts from the path..

middle path

“To stay with a broken heart, with a rumbling stomach, with the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to get revenge—that is the path of true awakening.”

~ Pema Chodron

With this quote as a guide, Some days I am absolutely certain I am as fully awake as I can be.

Other days, I must be either sound asleep, or at some momentary destination, cause I can’t even relate to how that feels.

I’ve discovered over time and serious practice, the middle of these two ranges is where I’m best to make choices, create momentum and commit to things— The totally broken me, or the on fire me— neither are super sustainable for long periods of time.

The gentle middle– it’s where I belong and live the most effective life possible.

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