Is a spiritual practice a waste.. ?

posts from the path..

spirit manSome days I think my spiritual practice is a waste.

I think about the time I spend working on my “stuff”…. consciously deepening myself— finding ways to give more, be in more service, increase my capacity to not judge and be as fiercely kind as possible… to transform my unhealthier parts into healthier ones…. is it worth it?

Occasionally, I wonder if I’m so broken that I need to spend all this time, while other people seemingly just are kind, deep, impactful and amazing more naturally.

Many days it feels futile and hopeless to continue—the world can seem doomed in so many ways and working to make it better, when my personal impact doesn’t seem anywhere near substantial enough.. it can feel so discouraging.

Some people seem to be navigating this life just fine without any awareness at all that something else is possible or more from each of us…

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